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In advance, please forgive the Americanisms. Thanks.

"Harsh Reality," rated PG

Snape stared at Dumbledore. "I'm sorry?"

"I said," Dumbledore repeated, "you're sacked."

Snape gaped.

Dumbledore's blue eyes, normally so twinkly, narrowed into cold slits. "Perhaps you did not understand me, Severus. Sacked. Fired. Let go. Downsized."


"You have been caught sleeping with Harry Potter. You are a teacher. He is a student. This is beyond the pale, Severus. It is something I can neither tolerate nor forgive, and you. Are. Out of here." A pause. "Permanently." Another pause. "You are fortunate that, out of respect for Harry's privacy, I am choosing not to prosecute."

Severus swallowed hard, feeling as if he couldn't breathe. "I...yes." He bit his lip, tasting blood, as he saw his future spiraling away down the drain. Where could he go? What could he do? It was a fairly good bet he wouldn't be provided with references. "I suppose," he said weakly, "I am fortunate you aren't cursing the daylights out of me, period."

"Oh, my dear boy," Dumbledore said, and pulled his wand from his robes. "Don't worry. The day is young."
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