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Sleeping Memories (gen, 148 words, by Kimmie)

This is, I believe, my first post here... so here goes.

Title: Sleeping Memories
Author: Kimmie
Length: 148 words
Type: Gen

Harry likes to sit in his pajamas on the window ledge with one leg propping him up toward the moonlight. It makes him think of things he'd rather forget, like times not so very long ago. But he sits and watches the stars twinkle like Dumbledore's eyes and remembers, because he knows he must. The stone is cold and more little bursts of cold seep through the cracks in the windowsill, making his breath puff at odd intervals, syncopated with the angry howl of the wind tearing through the same night sky. Harry thinks of people long gone, and not so long gone, and remembers them. And as the sky begins to brighten with the faraway cast of dawn, he remembers other things, like the people he's come to love. It is not as helpful as sleep might have been, but it is, at least, not as futile.
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